“We Generate Fears While We Sit. We Overcome Them By Action.” – Dr. Henry Link

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Small businesses are often clueless as to whether their business model is in part or in total the cause of their success. Success should be defined as having a proven business model and operational excellence.



Welcome to Green Rhino Academy, where we don't just teach floor cleaning – we empower individuals to transform their lives. Our academy is more than just a place of learning; it's a beacon of inspiration for those seeking financial and mental prosperity. Through our cutting-edge curriculum, we not only equip students with the technical expertise to master professional floor cleaning but also impart the entrepreneurial wisdom to build a successful business.

At Green Rhino Academy, we recognize that knowledge is the key to empowerment. Our comprehensive courses go beyond the surface, delving into the intricacies of floor cleaning techniques, tools, and technologies. Students not only gain technical knowledge but also develop a deep understanding of the industry, setting them apart as experts in their field.

What sets Green Rhino Academy apart is our commitment to holistic success. We understand that building a prosperous business is about more than just technical proficiency. That's why we integrate proven methods that have not only changed lives financially but have also made a profound impact on the mental well-being of our graduates.

Imagine not only mastering the art of floor cleaning but also learning the strategic approaches that turned the tide for those who came before you. The methods I've learned and, honed through personal experience, are shared openly to guide you on the path to financial independence and mental resilience. These lessons extend beyond the classroom, offering invaluable insights into business management, client relations, and personal development.

Green Rhino Academy is more than an educational institution; it's a community of like-minded individuals determined to create a better future for themselves. Join us, and let the power of knowledge and entrepreneurship unlock new doors for you. Discover the confidence to build your own success story – a story of financial abundance and mental strength, crafted at Green Rhino Academy.

Hot Water Extraction

This course will give you the correct chemistry ( Solutions ) to get great results for Hot water extraction method of carpet cleaning without damaging your customers carpets.

Low Moisture

Low Moisture carpet cleaning is a method many carpet cleaners are implementing with their services or even a stand alone service. This course will share safe and effective solutions to get maximum results.

Green Rhino Carpet Cleaning

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Check out my YouTube channel Green Rhino Carpet Cleaning with over 500 videos showcasing my cleaning plus giving lots of advice to other carpet cleaners as well as new startups hungry for knowledge.


This group is exclusively for students of Starting a carpet cleaning business 101 course. A meet-up spot and support community with folks with similar goals in this journey of entrepreneurship.

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Starting a Carpet Cleaning Business 101 Curriculum

  Starting a Carpet Cleaning Business 101
Available in days
days after you enroll
Available in days
days after you enroll


Starting a Carpet Cleaning Business 101: $399

(Certificate Of Completion Issued)

With This Purchase, You Will Also Get The Following Courses

*How to Make $200-$300 Per Hr Carpet Cleaning: $299 Value
*How to Clean Hardwood Floors Professionally: $250 Value
*Powerful SEO Strategies $199 Value
*Introductory To Tile Cleaning $199 Value

Plus Free Logo Design
With the purchase of this course, I'll do 3 Mock-up logo designs of your company name.
Any further edits or new moc-ups are in your hands to hire the pros to get it done.



Student Testimonial

Student Testimonial

Student Testimonial

More Testimonials


Tommy I just wanted to say thank you for The carpet cleaning business class. The information you provide is priceless. One of the things I really like is I can go back and review a lecture any time that is convenient for me and there's always new information you're providing to help me build a successful business. I also like the fact that I can email or call you and get some good advice. I took this other course that was for 2 days 8 hours A-day class room setting and the only thing I got from that was a bill. I shouldn't say that l learned a little but not as much as I've learnd from you. So just wanted to say thank you man and thanks for keeping it real.


Tommy, I purchased your course. Best money I've spent. The content is on point! Everything is nicely laid out and easy to understand. You have a proven method, which you are passing on to us. You are a TEACHER/COACH and a very good one at that. Peace ✌. Keep doing what you are doing.


I just wanted to say a quick thank you. I purchased both courses a couple months back, and keep going back to review. Probably some of the best money you can ever spend...that one job will pay for. I love the videos, and the course. Thanks again Tommy!

F&l Elite Cleaning

As a experienced carpet cleaner I would recommend this course I’m not gonna lie I was skeptical at 1st but you can always learn something new and I’ve learned a few things and he says that he will add new things in the course as well…….we’ve all spent $300 on dumber things also Tommy is very responsive with my questions through the courses email…get this course now before the price goes up

Dereck Espinosa

I finished the course. It was amazing bro!! I am going to go through it again and take come cliff notes. I've cleaned before for a company. And always thought I could do it. But you have laid a road of positivity for anyone with or without experience.

William Robinson

Hello my fellow carpet cleaners. My name is W. Paul out of the Houston Texas greater area. A couple years ago I grew tired of working for someone else and making them rich. I owned a couple other successful businesses but wanted a business that I could perform locally and be home every day. I thought long and hard and finally came up with carpet cleaning. I sold Kirby vacuums in the early to mid 90’s and was not a very good salesperson but I was great at carpet cleaning and decided to relearn the business. I spent many weeks learning what I could off of you tube because after all it was maybe 30 years since I cleaned a carpet and I knew the technology and methods may have changed. 

I happened to stumble across Tommy’s you tube channel and literally started watching from the very beginning. I soaked up as much information as possible before I booked my 1st appointment via Apple Maps.
After the first job I felt I needed more information and I knew Tommy offered a carpet cleaning course online. I signed up!

From the first introductory class on through to the extras I was hooked. So much knowledge this man brings to the table in a very down to earth manner. I learned everything from the bare basics to the more advanced information he offered and I am still blown away that he STILL adds more content years later to help every student get the most up to date information available. 

Tommy goes above and beyond what any course offers, as stated before the new content that he includes and doesn’t charge for, the conversations he has with students via text, phone calls and email just shows this man is committed to making You successful. 

If you want to get into the business and want a comprehensive and in depth experience you need to invest in yourself with this course!

Thank You Tommy with Green Rhino!

Terry Gradney

Good morning

I bought your lesson sometime last year. I've been in a Chem Dry franchise for 14 years for myself and worked with another guy for 11 years getting out of the franchise this may your video really help out with her wondering what to use solutions etc. I already bought the mytee vertex light. I will start working on my website soon. Really looking forward to this year. Your videos are legit I can tell it's from your heart there's no BS involved and I appreciate all that I'm pretty sure all your students do so thank you again.

Spenser Ward

Hey Tommy!
Just wanted to reach out and express my appreciation for all the knowledge you’ve e provided me over the last few months. I purchased your program and loved it! I also watch your YouTube videos religiously.

After applying what you teach to my own business I am banging out $500, $600 and even a few $800 days. I should have done this 10 years ago. If you’re ever in the Kansas City area hit me up, I owe you a beer 🍻

Thanks man

Christopher A. Stacy

I took the Green Rhino carpet cleaning course so that I could build up a vast amount of knowledge before I started my carpet cleaning side hustle. There is plenty of information guidance on chemicals, website building, equipment, pricing, EVERYTHING you need to know, plus some information that probably hadn't crossed your mind. Tommy is great at what he does and the knowledge he offers. I don't regret theses decisions. By the way, in my current situation I started out with VLM and have made decent money basically just doing it on weekends at this time. :) 

Richard Norton

The Green Rhino course has been very helpful for me . I have taken other courses and this one has been the most helpful. It nails down very important topics and tips to help you be prepared . This course has great value to me and I refer back to it as needed while cleaning. I highly recommend this course to people looking to start their carpet cleaning business. 

John Mondragon

I am truly thankful I found Green Rhino Academy; it has given me all the knowledge I need to start my carpet cleaning business. Tommy shows you it’s possible to start and grow your business. From figuring out what equipment to run to setting up a web site and getting the phone to ring, this course has it all. I would recommend this to anybody who wants to start a carpet cleaning business but doesn’t fully know how to start.


The course give the extra information needed in order to have great business.

Mike Fix

Course is awesome, I highly recommend before getting into the business. He will teach you stuff that you will not find anywhere else!

Leo Parreira

In terms of the brief review - I appreciated the course as it helped provide structure for learning about something brand new, both in carpet cleaning and the business side of things. It's given me the confidence to get started. I look forward to learning more with the extras Thanks, 

More About Me

Greetings, I'm Tommy, the proud owner of Green Rhino Carpet Cleaning in beautiful Paso Robles, California. Dive into the world of success with my comprehensive Carpet Cleaning courses! 

Immerse yourself in a treasure trove of over a hundred videos on my YouTube channel, where I not only showcase my exceptional work but also inspire and guide others to embark on their entrepreneurial journey. From turning my part-time hustle into a flourishing full-time business, I've honed my expertise to earn a remarkable income exceeding $150,000 in just my second year.

In the first year, I dedicated myself to building a solid foundation and acquiring the essential knowledge needed to transition into full-time entrepreneurship. Now, I'm excited to share the insights and strategies that took me 6 years to master, all condensed into this power-packed course.

I'm confident that with the right mindset and determination, you can replicate my success. If I can achieve it, so can you! Picture this: working only 2 to 4 hours a day, doing what you love, and earning more than ever before. I consider myself retired because I've turned my passion into a thriving business.

The first step is often the hardest, but fear not! With my course, you'll navigate the initial challenges with ease. Say goodbye to the typical growing pains faced by those trying to figure it out alone. Let's make your dream of a successful carpet cleaning business a reality together!